Mark Mynhier

Mark is the Principal, Health Industry Strategy at PwC's Health Industry Group and General Manager, DoubleJump™ Interchange

Mark has over 25 years of experience in improving organizational performance at academic medical centers, bio-pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical device and diagnostics companies. He focuses primarily on delivering novel technologies and operating models to the health industry that improve patient health and safety, while reducing costs in the New Health Economy. Areas of focus include:

industry collaboration platforms that enable varied industries to share data and access services that improve consumer health
cognitive analytics that surface new treatment insights and provide decision-support to clinicians on-demand
mobile technologies that provide continuous treatment reinforcement and guidance through information sharing within community network and at home
ecosystem orchestration services that direct patients to the right care at the right time from a diversified care team that optimizes for convenience, affordability, and quality

In support of these efforts, he developed and deployed PwC’s proprietary DoubleJump™ Interchange in 2014 — a cloud-based, HITRUST-certified, ecosystem integration platform that securely combines data from varied clinical and real-world sources and brokers research/care collaboration on behalf of consumer health.

Since then, the DoubleJump™ Interchange has been used by an academic medical center to power cognitive analytical tools that need to access the breadth of treatment evidence that enables remote clinical decision-support. It is being used by an academic medical center to access comprehensive, integrated clinical, genomic, laboratory, and image data from siloed repositories in support of translational research. It is also being used to battle an epidemic of diabetes and obesity in an economically depressed region in south Texas by enabling ‘anytime-anywhere’ care that enlists the support of real-time, mobile technologies and community/family members to reinforce healthy behaviors.

Mark is a Principal in the Strategy& practice within PwC’s Health Industry Advisory group. He is also the General Manager of PwC’s DoubleJump™ Interchange. He received his Bachelors from Yale University and his MBA from Southern Methodist University.

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