Connected Health & Disruptive Technology Summit 2017 & 2nd Icons of Healthcare Awards

Celebrating Innovation in Patient Care

Raffles Town Club, 21 July 2017, Singapore

The rise in disruptive technology is changing the way technology impacts people’s lives with healthcare being no exception. Over the past decade, digital and connected health technologies have given rise to new models of care delivery across health and wellness. Remote monitoring solutions today allow healthcare, nursing and fitness providers to deliver care at reduced costs and increased productivity. The influx of real time health data available through the myriad of platforms that exist has further enabled improved patient outcomes when it comes to long-term management of chronic diseases. Supported by new research and real-world experiences, business models are rapidly evolving to support adoption and implementation of personalized digital and connected health at all stages of life.

A BERG event with PwC as the exclusive Knowledge Partner, the Connected Health & Disruptive Technology Summit 2017 to be hosted in Singapore on 21 July 2017 will be a day-long summit that aims to bring together various players in the digital and connected health technology ecosystem, such as Telcos, MedTech and HealthTech startups, device manufacturers, insurers, retail partners, wellness experts, healthcare providers, and other technology players.

The day-long summit will be followed by the 2nd Icons of Healthcare Awards evening gala. The awards seek to recognize the innovation and excellence demonstrated by healthcare providers as well as individual professionals from across Asia Pacific and the Middle East who have objectively made a demonstrable and marked impact on society.

About BERG

Business Excellence & Research Group Pte Ltd (BERG), is a Singapore-based entity committed to nurturing and promoting business excellence across diverse sectors. In this quest, BERG has gone on to establish thought leadership platforms over the past three years since its inception.

Among the areas of focus thus far have been –
1) Urbanisation, Sustainable Development & Real Estate
2) Skill Development, Lifelong Learning & Education
3) Entrepreneurship & Startup Ecosystems
4) Medical & Global Healthcare Practices
5) Celebrating Women Achievers – Women Icons

The manifestation of the various initiatives have been in the form of summits, conferences, business networking sessions and recognition through awards. Combined with a sustained communication process in the international media and through inhouse knowledge initiatives like the AsiaBizToday, the effort is to have an ongoing dialogue in these areas and be a catalyst to find practical solutions.

BERG’s Advisory Board & Executive Team brings together people with diverse international experience & expertise. Headquartered in Singapore, BERG finds representation in some of the key emerging markets of Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia & Vietnam.